5 Things

There are 5 important things to consider doing before you die:
Discuss end of life wishes with loved ones
By discussing your end of life wishes with someone close to you, it can provide peace of mind for both parties when the inevitable happens. You are more likely to get the send off you want and may be able to raise any worries or concerns you have about the future.
If you are unsure how to start a conversation, why not head over to our 'Downloads' to draw some inspiration from the newsletters.
Make it legal; create a will and power of attorney
Creating a will and appointing a power of attorney can ensure your wishes are followed. Writing a will gives you an opportunity to care for your family and financial needs after you are gone. Giving power of attorney to someone you trust can provide the peace of mind that your best interests will be considered.
Visit these links for information about wills and power of attorney.
Think about and record your funeral wishes
Planning and recording your funeral wishes makes it more likely that they will be followed and take a weight off the minds of those left behind. There are a number of things to think about from type of service to the music played.
Follow this link to view and download Dying Matters resources, including a handy funeral checklist.
Consider organ donation and share your decision
Take the time to decide whether you would like to be an organ and tissue donor. You must record your decision or these wishes may not be honoured. Make sure loved ones and your power of attorney are aware of your preferences.
Visit the Organ Donation website to find out more or register to be a donor.
Plan for your future care needs
You may need to be cared for in the future so why not make your preferences known before you are unwell. Whilst Advance Care Plans may only be a guideline, they can give an insight in to your wishes on certain care issues.
Find out more about Advance Care Planning from the National Council for Palliative Care.

Visit our individual Talk, Write, Plan, Share, Care pages for more information and resources.

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